Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Triathlon Results

So my official time listed was 2hrs and 10 minutes.  In reality it was 2 hours and 30 minutes as they had me in the wrong wave on their official list.  This was a triathlon time to be happy about. 

Especially when you consider that it was my first, you have to finish in 3 hours and I walked the 5k, stopping to use the restroom too. :)

So it has been just over 5 weeks since then. I thought I would take the 5 weeks, work on weight loss, and strength training.  Ironically I have had more issues with body image since finishing than I can remember having in a long time. 

I started reading various blogs and am working through these issues.  This week was my first back in the gym (consistently).  So far I'm doing well except Saturday I did weights, low weight, high reps and my biceps HURT yesterday so bad it made me want to weep.  My tush and legs hurt all the time after training, but this really bothered me for some reason.

So far swim/jog this week, looking good.

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