Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st Indoor Triathlon Completed

So this indoor one did not go as expected.  But I did well and feel great about completing the next one.

I knew that we had 15 minutes swim, 30 bike, 3 miles around Green Lake based on the web site.  What I didn't know is that 30 minutes on the bike was really 30 minutes after getting out of the water.  So that included my transition time.  So take away 5 minutes, also I shifted and lost my chain!  Thank goodness for Skin-So-Soft towelette that got all the grease off my hands.

I had a Gu on the bike because I thought I might need the boost later, I drank a whole bottle of water in the short ride.  I was aiming for 7 miles, but did 5 during what amounted to about a 20 minute ride.  Then it was off to do the walk.  My sister came and I was very happy to have the support, she actually walked the 3 miles with me.

That was awesome!  I was ready to listen to the Ipod.  The wave after me passed by about the 2 mile mark which I expected.  I was excited to see the finish line and actually jogged/ran the last little bit, picked up my way cool medal, an XL shirt as they were quite fitted and the L was a little tight on the girls.

I felt great that day, stayed in Seattle so I wouldn't get too stiff.  (I was getting stiff just sitting at sister's house and had to keep getting up every 45 min and move/stretch).  Stayed up til 9:30, slept until 9 the next day and came home.

Things I would do differently?  Nothing really, I am proud of the completion and the times.  Can't wait to see what the official time is after calibration to the outdoor distance.  I finished in 1 hour 38 minutes.  10 laps, 5 miles and 3 miles. 

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